We Make Podcasts!


We are pleased to offer a recently-upgraded podcast tracking room! Featuring four Electro-Voice RE27 N/D dynamic microphones and a Millennia HV-3R remote-controlled microphone preamplifier, our tracking room is calibrated for producing crystalline, audiobook-quality podcasts.

Got a great idea for a pod but need a way to produce it? Contact us through the contact form below and book a session at our studio! We can be as hands-on as required by the project. Want to come in, track your episode, and leave with a full-fidelity live mix? We can do that. Need someone to edit and mix your podcast afterward? We can do that too!

Does your company have a podcast idea that they want to track onsite? No problem! We are fully equipped to record and mix a great-sounding podcast at your location.

Check out an example of our work below and head over to the Podcast Recording section of our site to learn more!

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